Sometimes dreams come true…

June 6, 2017

Surfing California - Malibu

June 6, 2017

Maldives - A low budget trip?

June 5, 2017

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December 8, 2018

Surfing evokes so many emotions. Things can get really intense and anxiety provoking for so many different reasons. From victory at sea conditions to aggro crowds, how do you keep your emotions in check? How do you master that zen in all those situations? 

When you are...

April 28, 2018

Bali is a goofy footer or a regular backside tube lover’s dream come true. Many of the incredible Indonesian waves I had seen in the surf magazines and videos could be attributed to Bali. While we were here we shared the island with pro surfers, like Jordy Smith and La...

March 3, 2018

What is it like to date a flight attendant? Oh, boy. It’s the greatest thing in the world, I wouldn’t trade it for the world and, if you are my girlfriend, this is where you stop reading.

Now to the dark and dirty truth: The 9 things you’ll understand after dating a fl...

December 30, 2017

If there’s anything that sets up a good day of surfing, its playing that perfect song to get you in the head space on the walk, drive, or bike ride to the beach. How did music become such an important aspect to surfing? That feel can’t be expressed with words alone. Ta...

August 20, 2017

I got Justin, a surfer from New Jersey, for a guest Blogpost. Justin was born and raised in on the east coast of the US, New Jersey. He moved to California about a year ago. Surf on the east coast is known for its rough and tricky conditions.

During the summer tim...

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Aloha! Ich bin Dani. Ich bin surfende Flugbegleiterin und fliegendes Surfergirl zugleich. Ich fliege mit meinem Surfboard um die Welt und wenn du magst nehme ich dich mit auf meine Reisen. Wenn du mehr über mich erfahren willst, klicke hier.




Die Plastikverschmutzung der Ozeane wird immer schlimmer. Meine große Leidenschaft ist das Surfen. Ich liebe die Wellen, aber vor allem die Ozeane. Deshalb habe ich im Kampf gegen Plastik SaltyGoods by FlyingSurf gegründet. Jedes Schmuckstück und jede Tasche steht dabei für einen kleinen Teil des Weges hin zu sauberen Ozeanen und Stränden. Zum Shop kommst du hier.

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