A big love called traveling

Every time I am stuck at home, my desire gets bigger every day. My heart is made to travel. This is not only any cliche quote for me. It really makes me nervous to be stuck at the same place for too long. I am a world traveler with two home bases.

One home base is for my job, and another home base is for my heart.

I love traveling, because traveling makes me richer after every trip. I am for sure not richer money wise, but traveling makes me happy. It fills me with positive feelings, positive vibes, and it literally fills me with happiness. You can’t believe that? Well, not all people are made for traveling.

My story started about 10 years ago with a language course in London, UK. It was only a week, but it was a week exploring a city which was not my home city. This made me so happy, but, back then, I didn’t feel the freedom yet. That changed with a trip to California in 2011. If I think about it now, it seems to make sense why everything happened like it happened in my life. I went on a road trip through California that started in San Francisco. San Fracisco was okay, but it wasn’t my favorite. I traveled along the coast, and I passed Santa Cruz, Santa Monica, Venice Beach and I found a place called „Hermosa Beach“. There was a hostel over there. It wasn’t too expensive so I decided to stay there. For any reason, I fell in love with Hermosa Beach back then already.

4 years later, I am back for the first time. This time it wasn't for fun. I found a job, that allowed me to visit again.

The past week I had to stay at home because I was sick. Yes, I like coming home, but I also like to pack my suitcase, my backpack, my board bag. I just like to pack in general. Actually, I don’t like to pack, but I like the reason why I do it. To travel the world. I stopped counting the amount of cities, countries, or continents I have already been. But I never forgot a single memory from any trip. I for sure can’t remember every single day of traveling, but I for sure can remember every single moment that made me happy on my travels.

Traveling is not a job or a hobby for me. Its more than that. And honestly, the most of my travels „only“ lead me to the next wave. But sometimes the next wave is a 25 hour flight away. So I just jump into an airplane, and I let the waves lead my way. Traveling is a passion. Traveling is a desire, and traveling is also a big love. I would never break up with traveling.

When I moved into my apartment close to the Frankfurt airport in Germany, one of the neighbors told me she can only sleep with earplugs because of the sounds of the starting airplanes. First I have to say, it’s really not that bad, and the sound of a starting airplane always lets me dream…dreaming about my next travel to any place in this beautiful world.

By the way: My first visit back in Hermosa Beach felt like magic. Now I am allowed to call this small town, which is actually a part of Los Angeles my home. My home base at the other side of the world. I could not be more happy with my life right now. Everything just fits perfect into each other.

Hang Loose!


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