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There is no better feeling for me than riding a wave. Gliding along a wave with my surfboard under my feet is seriously what makes me the most happy in my life. It’s the pure adrenaline that starts to fulfill my whole body as soon as i take off on my surfboard. Since I still live half of the month in germany I can’t have that feeling every day, because I can’t surf every day. There are things which can make me remember my last wave, like one of my surfboards I have hanging on one of the walls in my apartment in Germany, or like a little fin which i have hanging around my neck. Michelle helps us to let these memories come back. She designs necklaces in the form of a little surfboard fins.

Michelle, how did this idea pop up in your mind? Was it the desire after riding a wave or what made you invent Coastalvibes Designs?

"I have always been in the ocean and at the beach at such a young age, so the beach has just been a part of who I am. I have also, enjoyed creating. I have finally gotten to a place in my life where I can create my own art and people seem to dig it! I get stoked anytime I receive a compliment or another sale. I would love to create art for myself and other to enjoy full time, but for now I create every chance I get and when the waters a bit too cold."


I know that you have more designs now, but everything still started with the fin. What made you create the fin first?

"The Fin is something that I haven’t really seen when I first started. Now I have seen a couple different Fin Necklaces out there, but each one of mine are unique. The first fin I made went to my awesome friend who wanted it before it was even finished. so I started making more Fin Necklaces and noticed I couldn’t make them fast enough. I am now creating more often then not and love the feeling of people able to enjoy what they love (surfing) and enjoy something I created. All of my Surf Fin Necklaces are made by hand from me and brings me a lot of joy to create."


What are the necklaces made from? Do you use special materials for them?

"All of my necklaces so far are made with resin. Resin is also used for making surfboards. I use very small amounts so it definitely can get tricky. I also use varying colors and sometimes some sand or shells to give a different feel to the piece."


Why should every Surfer wear your Necklace?

"Surfers should wear a Surf Fin Necklace to remind them of Surfings roots. Creating, making boards, working a local shop, listening to music all until the waves are firing! I work out of my home creating when I’m not at work or at the beach and it is just an awesome feeling of music playing and thinking of the next awesome beach sesh. The biggest resin would be to support small business or artist. I would love to get these necklaces all over the world and selling enough for me to donate a percentage of sales."

Thanks for this interview Michelle! If you are interested in one of her necklaces, check out her Online Shop!

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