What is it like to be a Surfer from California?

California is known for being always sunny, always happy, and for their Surfculture. In my opinion, there is no other place like California. People are usually really relaxed and friendly in the water. You don’t usually find too many Surftourists, like in places like Bali. The people next to you in the water were usually raised there, and they have surfed these spots for almost all their lives.

I love California, and I get to spend a lot of time there, but I grew up far away from Sunny California. So lets see what its like to be a Surfer that is from California.


Can you introduce yourself? Whats your name? How old are you?

"I am Dave, Owner-Operator of TheCaliCamp surf camp. Dana Point California. And I’m 33."

When did you start surfing?

"After my mom got me skateboard when I was 8."

Were you raised in California?

"All my life. Grew up in Laguna and spent most days in San Clemente."

Since when do you live in San Clemente?

"Have lived in San Clemente permanently for 9 years as of now."

How are the waves usually in California? How does the forecast usually look?

"There’s almost always a fun wave to be had somewhere. Just gotta go find it."

What are your favorite conditions to surf?

"Anytime I can get fun waves with no crowd. Solo sessions are the best."

If you are a tourist in California, are there special risks you have to deal with if you surf in California?

"Not anything out of the ordinary. Just know your limits, respect the locals, keep yourself and others safe and it’s all good. The rumours of crazy locals is really not true."

Would you ever choose any other place to live if you would have the choice?

"Nope. Definitely not. California has all the things I love."

What is stereotypical for a surfer in California?

"Typically really relaxed. I think people here are excited to be nice if you’re nice also."

What does surfing mean to you?

"At this point it’s like having arms or legs. It’s just an extension of myself and if I’m ever in a situation I don’t like or around people who aren’t friendly I can always remember that I can get tubed and they can’t : ) It’s like my little escape thought."

What do you do for living and how much time do you actually get in the water?

" I started TheCaliCamp in 2013. We take people of every level on week long surf trips here in California. Hosting them a tour hotel in Dana Point. I get to surf any time I feel like surfing."

Thanks for the great interview Dave!

Hang Loose!


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