What is it like to be a Surfer from Sri Lanka?

I iust came back from paradise. Sri lanka is truly still a paradise where waves are still less crowded and you can find places where the nature isnt touched yet. Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a surfer living in Sri Lanka? Well, Vivien is living that dream. So lets see what she says.


Can you introduce yourself? Whats your name? How old are you?

"Hi, my Name is Vivien and I am originally from Switzerland but now living in Sri Lanka. I am now 30 years young."

When did you start surfing?

"I started surfing 2 years ago."

Were you raised in?

"Switzerland. Unfortunately, no waves, so I had to leave my old life behind."

Since when do you live in Sri Lanka?

"I live in Sri Lanka since 2 years. I started to surf here and figured I would like to stay in the beautiful paradise."

How are the waves usually in Sri Lanka? How does the forecast usually look?

"For me Sri Lanka is the perfect place to learn how to surf. We have great white-water waves, beach breaks for all levels and reef-spots for more advanced surfers. We are very lucky here in the south of Sri Lanka and we can surf all year. Sure, in the offseason we don’t have a big choice of spots to surf, but I still can go surfing every day and this is the main thing for me. The forecast in Sri Lanka is always delayed but this is just island live. Just take it as it comes."

What are your favorite conditions to surf?

"Getting up early and being in the water for the sun rise and having super clean, beautiful breaking waves."

If you are a tourist in Sri Lanka, are there special risks you have to deal with if you surf in Sri Lanka?

"As a tourist I don’t think you have any risks. The locals are most of the time very friendly, very important here is to say hello in the line-up."

Would you ever choose any other place to live if you would have the choice?

"There are so many nice places in the world. I think I would also fine a great place somewhere else. But at the moment I am happy here in Sri Lanka."

What is stereotypical for a surfer in Sri Lanka?

"I think you have the two types of surfers here. More chilled and friendly but there are also competitive surfers, especially at advanced surf spots. Many beginner and intermediate surfers. If it’s big there are less people in the water."

What does surfing mean to you?

"Surfing is a big part of my life. I am also a Yoga teacher, but surfing is like my meditation. When I am out in the line-up, I totally forget the time and sometimes my surrounding. It just makes me happy to be in the water and catch some waves. On days when your own surf is shit, it is nice to have great people next to you and you can laugh."

What do you do for living and how much time do you actually get in the water?

"I work at a Surfcamp here in Sri Lanka and I at least get in the water once a day. Like many of us, we check the forecast and we work less on swell days and more on other days where the conditions are less good."

Thanks for the interview!

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